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Security Paper


Pantograph 4000

The foundation of our security paper products relies on a patented technology called Pantograph 4000. From extensive research on how photocopy and scanner technology works, our R&D team has been able to engineer a special printed background (also known as a pantograph) that essentially "tricks" the copier or scanner and interferes with how it attempts to capture an image. This technology is currently available as a stock product in several colors and messages, or can be custom ordered.

Layer Up

With Pantograph 4000 as the base layer for our document security products, we can add additional security technologies as needed for the purpose of further copy protection, or authentication. You rest easy knowing that your documents can be distributed with the risk of copying mitigated, and upon redemption or inspection of the document by yourself or the recipient, you can also easily verify the authenticity of the document too with technologies like specialty inks watermarks, etc.

Today's Counterfeiter

In today's world, the tools of the counterfeiter are most often a color printer, desktop scanner and graphic design software. With a simple scan, or even in a matter of a few hours on a computer, one can copy or recreate a document with frightening accuracy. By our definition, this "bad guy" takes on many forms and could be an office employee making a photocopy of an internal document they shouldn't have access to, or even a crafty criminal looking to recreate some high value product coupons that he intends to sell on ebay.

Protection for All

In the end, we all pay for costs associated with counterfeiting and fraud. It is our goal to offer cost effective security paper products to qualified and legitimate customers. Whether the document at risk is an event parking pass, a pizza parlor coupon, or a high value coupon for a fortune 500 company, everyone has the right to protect their business. Our security paper products will allow you to take back control of your valuable documents...

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