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Security Printing

Custom Security Printing

If your requirements call for fully customized printing, Protected Papers can assist you in designing a product that will meet your needs, while not upsetting your budget. The company's "layered" approach to document security can make use of a variety of overt (obvious) and covert (unknown) security features that will make the final product difficult to counterfeit, forge, or alter.

Depending upon the your specific needs, we can provide a product that is as simple or as complex as the application requires - from the selection of the base paper stock, to the customization of artwork, to the use of security inks and our AuthentiGuard suite of patented anti-copy and authentication technologies - we can do it all, quicker and more effectively than anyone in the market!

Academic Printing
Check out the internet. Academic fraud and deception is everywhere. At last count, if you have the money, there are over 600 websites that offer fake and fraudulent diplomas and student transcript documents. High schools, colleges and universities need to protect themselves against this type of problem. Our in-house design team can create a document which protects against counterfeiting, forgery and alteration, while also improving upon your institution's image. In addition to the more obvious document security applications in this area, "other" products should not be over-looked - visitor passes, university letterhead, thesis documents, absentee excuses, confidential student and staff records, ticketing (for athletic & social events), discount coupons to on-campus food service and bookstores, plus most any other important or confidential document that may be issued by this type of institution.

Commercial Printing
Counterfeiting of commercial printed products is both widespread and costly. The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition estimates that counterfeiting, forgery and other forms of document fraud cost businesses over $600 billion a year in lost income. Whether you're a small retail location, or a Fortune 500 company, losses in the area of counterfeiting, forgery, brand protection and document alteration should be a concern. These problems can be effectively remedied through the use of our patented anti-copy and authentication technologies. And these solutions can be surprisingly affordable...

- Commerical checks & money orders
- Non-copiable letterhead, purchase orders & bill of lading documents
- Gift certificates & discount coupons
- Product warranties & guarantees
- Brand protection (packaging, labeling & hang tags)
- Temporary guest passes
- Confidential internal documents & employee records
- Direct mail & various rebate promotions

Legal & Real Estate Applications
Legal and real estate paperwork are among some of the most important documents an individual or corporation will need to protect. When discussing stock certificates, sales contracts, promissory notes, bills of sale, divorce documents, business contracts, mortgages, rental agreements, judicial transcripts, and other official paperwork, these types of documents need adequate protection against the crimes of counterfeiting, falsification and alteration. Whether it's to protect your client, lessen your liability in the case of fraud, or to improve your corporate image - implementing improved security in this area makes good business sense.

Health Services & Pharmaceutical Products
Statistics presented to the World Health Organization dramatize the extent of product counterfeiting and piracy in the global pharmaceutical supply chain. Fully ten percent of all pharmaceuticals sold worldwide are counterfeit. Whereas, in developing countries, these numbers may be as high as seventy percent. The manufacturers of these products are loosing billions of dollars in sales annually. More importantly, these problems also present a dangerous treat to public health and safety.

Supported by AuthentiGuard's extended suite of anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies, Protected Papers can assist the pharmaceutical manufacturer in providing cost effective methods to protect these products. Whether your concerns are in the area of packaging, labeling, or the marketing of these items (hangtags, cash rebates, direct mail and discount offers), Protected Papers can assist your brand manager in developing solutions to combat this ever growing problem.

In addition to the above concerns, hospitals, health clinics and other medical practices must maintain compliance with the new federal guidelines concerning the issuance of prescription forms (scripts) for Schedule II controlled narcotic drugs. Our new line of tamper-resistant RX forms (either off-the-shelf or fully customized) exceed all state and federal mandates in this area.

Government & International Documents
Government agencies have the dual roll of administering the laws of the land and protecting their citizenship against harm. There are numerous types of documents that are issued by local, state and federal agencies. While these documents establish ownership and accountability, they also protect the public against fraud and corruption. Additionally, these documents provide a large source of income for these federal entities. If left unprotected, these documents can easily become victim to counterfeiting, alteration and other forms of fraudulent activity.

Protected Papers specializes in design and printing of all types of governmental forms - breeder documents (birth certificates and social security cards), motor vehical registrations, land titles, marriage licenses, various types of permits (building, health, firearms), tax documents, lottery tickets, mass transit passes, as well a multitude of election forms.

For our numerous foreign clients, we offer full translation services and expedient digital proofing capabilites. Custom products are available in all international sizes (A4, A5, B1, B4, etc.). And if document security is your concern, our patented line of AuthentiGuard printing technologies are among the best in the world.

Allow one of our document security consultants to assist you in developing a program that meets your specific needs in this unique area of security printing.