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The Protected Papers Report 2

What are some common uses of a protected paper?

To stop duplication - as in coupons, rebates, receipts, tickets and passes

              To thwart the insertion of false information in any document

                   To warn of copying – as in a certificate of occupancy

                         To deter false origination - as in building permits

                                To halt alterations of medical records

Protected Papers can also be utilized as a base paper to print any information

 that you deem important such as recipes, formulas, financials and passwords.

Ever so much today as the use of computer phishing, the attempted use of fake emails to steal personal information are used not only against individuals but also governments and corporations, many of whom have now gone back to protected paper documents to safeguard valuable data…. Think about that, your personal data is just as valuable to you as your city or state data is to all of us.

Crime of the month

Over $100,000.00 in fake bus passes

Secure fact of the month….

                     Did you know…. Europe  “the EU” has 27 countries

Austria    Belgium   Bulgaria    Croatia   Cyprus   Czech Republic   Denmark

      Estonia   Finland   France   Germany   Greece   Hungary   Ireland 

     Italy   Latvia   Lithuania   Luxembourg   Malta   Netherlands   Poland

           Portugal   Romania   Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain   Sweden


And commonly utilized currency, the Euro


But the United Kingdom has recently separated from the EU community and has created its own currency


And even in the new EU - document crime still persists…

As some of these documents have greater value than currency

Look for upcoming issues of the Protected Paper’s report…

Future highlights:

How CUSTOM can you get?

 What does Acid Free Archival paper mean?

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