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The Protected Papers Report 3

In this issue we take a closer look at the additional security features available from Protected Paper…

Ways to customize your Protected Paper…

The stock papers are available in traditional blue or gray hue…but there is an array of colors available as a custom order. For example, consider a light green or even a red hue for your next secure document if for no other reason than to keep the counterfeiters on their toes.

Printing on the reverse side is also an excellent addition to change up the colors.

Utilizing a different base paper stock is another way to spice up your ticket or permit perhaps by using a heavier card stock. For instance, on a coupon using a coated sheet would enhance the printing on both sides.

Along with a custom paper color we can also create a special hidden message such as adding the name of your organization, a phone number, website URL or even a customized warning message or messages that appear upon attempted duplication.

Microtext effects are commonly utilized to portray a line of text or symbols that are too small to be seen by the human eye but can be viewed with a low power magnifier such as an 8x loupe. Usually an intentional defect is made to one or more characters as an additional way to identify a genuine document.

Using ultraviolet reactive inks are also an excellent way to hide images on the sheet that only appear to the human eye when illuminated by a UV light source. This is also a good addition to the microtext feature described above as all or part of a Microtext line could be printed in UV reactive ink. UV inks are available in several colors and can be utilized to enhance any area or side of the document.

Perforations are small holes that appear similar to the ones used on notebooks to facilitate the easy tear off of sheets, but can be selected to carry a certain number of “perforations per inch” … this is a way to differentiate your documents using a common post-press process.

Scratch-off inks can be an interactive addition to a document, coupon or event ticket as a one time or limited use feature. The inks can be used to print an image or fill an area in order to facilitate an active authentication space. The three common ways to validate are by tipping at an angle to view the image, scratching with a coin to reveal a gray mark or using a UV light to illuminate the selected area as the ink will display a darker hue against the white paper surface thus displaying the hidden message. 

As we also have a digital press in-house, this printer can add variable information such as barcodes and variable security markings that take your document to the next level. Imprinting with our digital press is a way to heighten your document’s ability to carry barcodes such as linear, 2d or even Qr codes.  Qr stands for “quick response” as the codes can quickly take the user to a website for a further experience launched by the variable code on the individual document. This high quality digital press can also print static or variable graphics directly on our stock security papers or we can create a custom sheet with both a creative set of secure features and your text or image content.

  • Just to note, all of these additional features are built into your documents

in our secure facility, as they are manufactured and delivered directly to you without leaving the premises, as this assures that you receive exactly what you ordered.

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