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The Protected Papers Report 5

Why Protected Papers?

Why ProtectedPapers? is a question you may ask when searching for an anti-copy paper…

Because you have a choice, we thought you may want to take a deeper look into the litany of reasons that governments and businesses from all over the globe have trusted our products for over 30 years.

Public company

As a public company we have the strength and longevity to support ongoing document security technology endeavors


Our founders are credited with generations of inventive technology that protects the documents and credentials you use every day

Original Inventors

We were the original inventors of the Protected Paper technology in ~1989


A patented technology with a history of legacy security document technology patents dating back to the early 1990’s

Ongoing R&D

Our research and development team works round the clock to uncover and deliver the latest innovations in document security

R&D team

Our R&D team has many decades of experience in the security document printing business, bringing currency level technology to a versatile paper product to protect your intrinsic data

Manufacturing team

Our print manufacturing team has many decades of experience in producing a highly effective secure document with highest quality printing and finishing equipment

Secure manufacturing facility

Our secure print manufacturing facility has state of the art creation, preflight, pre-press and printing equipment dedicated to manufacturing the best security paper you can buy anywhere in the world.

Additional security printing features available

Our teams continually source legacy and emerging technologies for use to augment or in addition to our standard security paper offerings.

Some important facts…

Many models of copiers and scanners duplicate our competitor’s security papers without any warning messages being revealed - this is because they do not have ongoing research and development staff to keep up with advancing scanning technology in both copiers and desktop scanners. Most are just printing our 1980’s era technology that has eroded as technology has moved forward. We are dedicated to ongoing research as it applies to the copier and scanner protection of security papers.

Next month…. Meet the people behind the technology and ProtectedPaper products.

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