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The Protected Papers Report 4

Authenticity and Archival, how are they related?

Authenticity – of being authentic

Archival – relating to archives or records

Perhaps one is not as valuable if not combined with the other?

When archiving a document, is it a valid exercise if the paper and data are not both authentic?

Authenticity of documents and identification is at the heart of what Protected Papers does…the ability to utilize state of the art secure print manufacturing methods to create a document that “speaks for itself” abouts its lineage and the validity of the text attached to it.

Archival, besides relating to the storage of a document, somehow signifies the paper and the text printed or written on it is authentic…. Or does it?

Archival quality can also mean the survivability of the paper itself, such as how long it will last and still be readable. Typically, acid free papers are utilized to print documents that need to last more than a few years…to over a hundred years – all of our Protected Papers are acid free and of archival quality.

So, if authenticity of the archived document is valuable to you or your organization, why not consider using our secure papers. Besides a robust warning message appearing if our secure paper is placed on a copier, we also have built in the ability for this same message to appear in an archival scan. Our last forty years of experience and our ongoing research efforts guarantee that our Protected Paper line delivers the most effective anti-copy technology available anywhere in the world.

When scanning documents in for electronic archival, the Protected Paper can carry a custom hidden message that is revealed upon scanning as part of the electronic file. This message serves as a permanent indicator that not only the document was printed on custom specific restricted paper, but that its authenticity was verified upon archival. And the paper document carries a non-removable permanent indication of the origin of the substrate.

So, why archive if you have not authenticated? We wouldn’t and neither should you!

Call us at +1 (585) 924-8460 for further details on the benefits of custom restricted hidden messages – messages that are created and printed solely for your organization.

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